Within the Bee Deals project, a large number of chain partners operates to improve the living environment of the bees. Bees as pollinators of food crops are crucial in our food supply.
Under the guidance of CLM and Food4Bees, the following parties take bee-friendly actions: Jumbo, The Greenery, Sodexo, Willem & Drees, participating fruit and vegetable growers, Brabant Water, the municipality of Oss, the water boards De Dommel, Brabantse Delta, Aa en Maas and Rhine, the Triodos Foundation and the provinces of South Holland and North Brabant. Kieft Seeds and Van Dijke Zaden are sponsering Bee Deals with bee seed mixtures.
The approach of the initiative is to integrate bee-friendly actions in business operations, through surprising agreements between partners in the chains. The instrument for this is the Bee Deal: an agreement between parties together in the food, water and government chains.
Such a Bee Deal can be about:

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